Providence Mount St Vincent

This is where my dad was placed for a rehabilitation stay after a organ transplant. They have a “street wear” policy where they do not wear scrubs like other places so nurses were dressed in shirts that said “BAE”, and gold plated gangster tennis shoes, lab technicians came to draw blood from my dad in flip flops and sweats. Not ok to me. The facility does not have air conditioning and the heat inside the building was inhumane.

The nursing care is horrific, they had no clue about very simple and easy medical issues. Nurses came in only to give medicine and never to help with anything else. The nursing assistants do all the work and we had one guy there that we adored and worked his butt off. That nursing assistant and also the cafeteria with (not good) but a decent wide variety of food for both patients and their guests was 2 bonuses but lack of nursing care and other issues made this a horrible experience.

Luckily my dad was sent back to hospital due to lack of eating and pain and then we moved to a new rehabilitation center in Des Moines and it is a night and day experience. Please do your research when placing a loved one in a nursing home.

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