Pacific Gardens Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

My mom was placed in Pacific Gardens by Kaiser after she fell and broke her hip. We now refer to Pacific Gardens as “Nightmare Gardens.” She was placed in a room with 3 other women. One of them screamed all night.

I told the head nurse that my mom should not be allowed to get out of bed and should be watched closely (because of the recent hip surgery). They agreed to keep an eye on her and put an alarm on the bed, so if she woke up and tried to stand, they would be alerted.

Because of the screaming, mom got uncomfortable and tried to leave. She got as far as the hall before being returned to her bed. When asked about the incident, the (daytime) nursing staff denied that mom had gotten up. But, the other patient (not the screamer) confirmed that my mom had gotten up and walked out of the room. Plus, a nurse called me at about 6 a.m. to let my mom talk to me, because she was upset. The nurse told me my mom had walked out of the room.

But, the next day, when I asked the nursing staff about the incident, they claimed there was no record of it. Even the Kaiser doctor initially said it did not happen, because that is what the staff told him. Jeez! Look, if you can’t trust the people taking care of your loved ones to tell you the truth, you have to move them out. That is exactly what we did. After one day and night at Nightmare Gardens, we brought my mother home. She has been doing great ever since.

Oh, and they charged $729 for their services! Oy Vey!!

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