Oahu Spine and Rehab

I went Oahu Spine and Rehab after being in a car accident. All they cared about was maximizing as much money as they could from my no fault insurance payout. I had to beg them repeatedly for an MRI but they didn’t want to let me have one because it would cut into the finite amount of money they could get from my insurance. I made a big deal about it and they finally let me have one, but they failed to explain to me what the significance of the radiology report was.

I had a pars defects which means fractures in my spine, but I am now just finding this out two years later after showing another doctor the radiology report. Because of their negligence to give me a simple explanation of the report (they were mad that I insisted on the MRI) it is far worse now and I will need major surgery!

Regarding the chiropractic element, I was lucky to get a full minute with the chiropractor, who at one point hurt my should in a lasting way. They also promised to give me an e-stem machine using my insurance money, but only pretended to order one and never did. The worst part about this place is their director, whom I met a few times, and was always profoundly condescending to me.

I asked for some as-needed pain medicine for when the pain spiked and her comments painted me like a total drug addict. My general practitioner wanted to prescribe me some but said Oahu Spine and Rehab must do it since they were treating my back and on an exclusive contract to collect my car insurance money, but they fully blocked the request and in a very rude way.

One last thing is how unhelpful their physical therapy was. I had both a knee and a back injury, and all of their exercises hurt my knee. I asked for help with my knee, but they acted like they could get fired for even mentioning my knee in a conversation because they were only getting insurance money from my back! I am far worse for ever stepping in here.

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