First Physical & Functional Rehab

I went First Physical & Functional Rehab for the first time this week for acupuncture. First, I barely didn’t make it to the doors… The parking is in a deplorable shape, with gravel and potholes, and NOT ADA compliant and not wheelchair friendly. The entrance doors, as well as the entire building, are NOT ADA compliant and are NOT wheelchair accessible.

For a rehab center, you would think that it would be… Moreover, the building is old and falling apart, it smelled weird (mold?) inside, is dirty, small, no space or privacy for the patients, acupuncturist even didn’t wear gloves to handle the needles and made me bleed.

I am wondering when was the last fire safety inspection, because this building should be condemned and rebuilt to today’s standards! Not sure who owns this business and this building, but they are waiting for a tragedy in there and a big law suit.

Finally, the acupuncturist was hard to understand (Chinese guy), never really answered my questions, never heard of my medical conditions, seemed clueless about what to do with me, and I left with more pain than when I arrived (2 days later, my back still hurts more than before I went there). Definitively not recommending this facility.

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