Delta Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

My experience as a recent patient was miserable.  I fractured my patella and requested referral to a rehabilitation hospital to get physical therapy started.  But, I knew nothing about the current practices of any of such Visalia business.  Based on very old information, I chose Delta.  Upon transfer, I found myself jammed into a small room with two other patients.  Waits for just a response to my call light were a 1/2 hour plus to request pain medication or to be helped to the bathroom.  I did not get my nightly dose of hypertension medication.  The nurse explained she had 42 patients assigned to her.  One of my roommates had to lie in a dirty diaper for so long that it burned her skin.  The toilet turned out to be clogged with feces smeared on the seat.  I objected and was offered a diaper.  The physical therapy staff person was intimidating, demeaning and ultimately threatening.  He insisted I extend my stay for another week for “my safety”.  I believe it was for my insurance coverage which is good.  I declined advising them I had hired private home health care plus family was available to help.  At times, he appeared to have me confused with someone else entirely.  Social Services then joined in to support the physical therapist’s recommendation.  Shortly before I left, Social Service staff appeared at my bed to announce they were releasing me as against medical advice status which meant no assistance in coordination of outpatient services including no provision for taking home pain medication.

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