Metro Driving School

I honestly wish I could go below one star. I chose this driving school because the website looked very professional. After going to its location and speaking to it’s “owner” I found that it was anything but. I tried to take a Driving Clinic class but unfortunately mistook the start of the class for a different time. I likely would have checked my required completion date and just come back next week.

That thought left my mind once the owner, or whoever was at that small, paper-filled, messy table within a small cramped room insulted me for my mistake. After my mistaking the class time, he proceeded to point to his head and say “I think you’re missing something up here, buddy.” More directly, he called me stupid. Not to mention how defensive and passive aggressive he was before even insulting me.

When I had called, before the whole “calling me stupid” incident, I had called their “office” and I now realize it sounded like the same person who called me stupid. He sounded like he was in a rush to get me off the phone and just simply didn’t sound like he wanted to talk to me for any longer. What kind of company doesn’t have time for a customer who is trying to pay for their service?

Sure, I made a mistake by messing up the class time, but there is no reason to call a paying customer stupid. The place looked unprofessional, the people were unprofessional. The only good thing was that you get your money back really quickly.

Do NOT go to this place. Any company who has the audacity to call a customer stupid after happily paying for a service does not deserve any customer at all.

I admit I mistook the class time, but not a single time was I rude, even after being called stupid. The only thing I requested was my money back. There are plenty of better companies to go to for the same services, I’m sure they will value you far more. Good luck!

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