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At or around 11 Jan 19, 12 jan 19 i was driving my SLX6232P on my way home. I was reaching a traffic light in the centre lane when carpark number SGK9828D suddenly dash into my lane. Merely less that 50m from traffic light. Im the 3rd car at that point.
This reckless suddenly engage a sudden Jam break that resulted in a collision. Both alighted to disnose the damage but luckily no physical damage was seen.
However, what i was pissed was his choice-of-words was beyond acceptable. He alighted harshly and shouted at me questioning:” you drink alcohol right!!” Which i just return from workplace.

I maintain my cool seen he is a senior to me. (In terms of age)

Im working in a government sector therefore i do not want to escalate any un-neccessary commotion. Instead, i told him lets call in the police. Upon hearing that, he ‘blow up’. Claiming he got no time for all this. He got 2 passagers inside the car and say i must pay their grab fee. Without delay, i approached the 2 passagers and apologise for the delay in their time. I even pass $20 to the passagers for that. Understanding that they are ignorant in this incident.
What disturbed me was, upon see me given the fee to the passagers, he demanded me to pay him some money too! This dishonest was beyond acceptable. I refused and concluded he is making us of this incident to ask for money!
I refused and he started to be abussive and aggressive.
Tons of foul language was throw at me as he know he couldnt get any incentive. He storm his way back to his seat and continue shouted at me.
He claimed he got cctv to show that im wrong and i demanded him to show the video.. afterwhich, i believe he could do so and thereafter, i know he is threathening me with it to ask for compensation. I decide to hold him until i call police down. He refused to wait and storm back into his car while his foul language was still throwing at me..
I started to blow my top after he said this “You Mother and father go and die la!!”
I was furious!! Would u not??
I walk back to his car door and demanded him to alight with my hands on his window. He pointer middle finger at me and speed off!! Not considering my hands was there.. this resulted me in spraining my 3 fingers on my left hand.

Immediately, i when to hougang police station to file a report.

1. MR LEONG was reckless cutting into my lane.
2. His action have breach the safety for road user and worse the passagers inside his car.
3. In a collision, he refused to wait for police to arrange. Irresponsible act.
4. He tried to extort me for money for dishonesty
5. He use abusive language.
6. He act like a road bully confronting me in a aggressive way.
7. His hooligan was of cursing my parent was untolerant to me.
8. He ignored my safety when he knew my hand was on his car, yet speed off causing my 3x fingers to be injuried.

Kindly look into this matter and i hope you can revert soonest.
If nothing is done, i should engage my lawyer to pursure this matter.

Contact me at [protected], Mr Vincent.

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