I recently cancelled my Geico policy; my car got vandalized and me having full coverage insurance never would have thought that filing a claim would cause the extreme pain, bashing and accusations I was put through, and leave me feel completely sad, angry and so helpless.

Yes, I understand my car is an older car and probably not worth fixing, but had I known now what I did not know before, I would have never filed a claim with Geico. I would much have rather saved myself the pain, grief and the bashing I endured for simply using a service I was paying for.

I was asked to meet with a Geico investigator at a Starbucks location, this is where in front of other customers, the Geico investigator proceeded to ask me a series of questions which I know now, were pretty well thought out and planned questions about my personal life to use against me.

I was caught very off guard and not knowing all my rights at the time and not knowing where all this was leading to. I proceeded to answer all of his questions about my personal life.  After this, the investigator very aggressively accused me of vandalizing the car myself in order to “screw Geico” and as if that was not enough, he cursed me out and called me a “good con artist”

among other insults that are too embarrassing to list publicly, and all of this while we sat at a Starbucks table, I was completely shocked and ridiculed, discriminated and bashed based on my income and disability status which he had previously and methodically drilled me on, I was crying and denying the accusations and yet he continued to use the personal answers I had given him at the start to further accuse me of doing this myself.

This is just a brief summary of what I was put through, the rest is too personal to discuss on a review. I have contacted Geico to report this and left messages, and have not yet heard back from a supervisor, when I call back, I was told that this investigator is no longer allowed to contact me.

As embarrassing as this is for me, I am posting this to caution people; if you are asked to meet with an investigator, please be prepared and use your judgement to not answer any personal questions which can then in turn be used completely against you to accuse, manipulate and ridicule you.

I feel discriminated based on my income and disability status by Geico and plan to take further action in reporting this type discrimination and treatment.

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