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I went to the dmv to get a replacement non-driver’s license Id and was told my birth certificate could not be used because it was mended with tape on the back of the form, I had to go purchase a new copy. I returned the following day with new copy to find out that I needed not 1 but 2 address verification, that i don’t have.

I was told to give a form to the head of household which i reside and bring their copy of identification, and two bills or letters from the government that shows their current address. I did better than that, I went home came back again with one utility bill, and 2 letters from the government and the original head of household Id.

Note all documents are dated with f the current month. To my surprise, I was told; that the dmv non driver license Id didn’t have the apartment number on it like all the documents show. I was extra surprised when they added that the documents weren’t in an envelope. Guess what was next? The head of household, has to get a new Id card with the apartment number on it.

Here are my concerns:

1. Why wasn’t I told all information that I need to bring at once and the way it should be presented.
2. If all the verified documents has the apartment number on it, except the dmv Id; why not issue the applicant a replacement Id anyway.
3. Why should the head of household be responsible for paying additional fee to get a simple apartment number added to his Id. Who is to say that it wasn’t a typo error on dmv behalf. After all, the head of household knows his address and its evident on the other government verification of address forms.
4. Why aren’t all of the employee’s on one accord, it makes you question their training. This would include the supervisor whom I also spoke with.

In conclusion, I am writing my councilman. Enough is enough

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