Alcantara Driving School

I would give 0 stars if possible. My experience was a nightmare on the day of the test. They asked me to pay $100 in cash to rent a car for my road test. It was a third party car in horrible condition to say the least. The driver accompanying me was extremely rude and behaved inappropriately. He slapped my hand several times when I was trying to check certain controls before starting to drive, he even held my wrist for no reason.

He barely spoke any English and kept ridiculing me for not understanding what he was saying. The mirrors were stained and the dashboard had some soft drink spilled all over, there was trash spilled near the gear and the list goes on. The worst part is, I left my learners permit in his gear box by mistake and when I called to get it, he denied to come back.

The next day I called the driving school and they said they have no accountability for any lost items and brazenly asked me to get a replacement from MVA. When I told them what had happened, all I got was, “I’m sorry you had a bad customer experience” and the manager hung up on me after that. I would never recommend this school to anyone! Terrible experience!

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