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Drop your membership to AAA Washington D.C and write to Bernie Koch, the head of the organization telling him why! I had an extraordinarily traumatic experience with their service on  VA. I was heading to an appointment along Maple Avenue when my Acura MDX SUV broke down in the right lane of traffic.

I immediately phoned AAA and was advised that a tow truck would be there in under 30 minutes. Moments later a police vehicle came up behind me and the officer advised I would have to move the vehicle off the road within half an hour.

(There’s no shoulder at that stretch so the vehicle couldn’t be pushed off the road.)  As it happened, the officer patiently waited nearly an hour for the AAA tow truck (Advanced Auto) to arrive. Ultimately, though, AAA was so slow that the officer couldn’t wait any longer.

He contacted the contract tow company with which his department contracts. That firm, Blair’s Towing & Recovery, of Falls Church, VA, towed me just two-tenths of a mile to a nearby parking lot and billed me for $169 in order to do so! Ultimately, it took over one hour for the AAA firm to arrive and return me and my vehicle to my home in Maryland!!

Now that I’m trying to get reimbursed for the $169 charge, I’m getting the bureaucratic runaround from the member relations department in Newark, Delaware. There are no apologies for their untimely arrival to the location where my vehicle broke down and there are forms, forms, forms to be filled out before they’ll even believe me that I had this highly inconvenient experience. Moreover, they refuse to provide any contact information for Mr.

Koch, such that I could alert him to member services issues. Moreover, the rep with whom I spoke on the phone–Ken Rogers–says that by “policy” AAA never reimburses any member more than $100 for a hookup when they must use an alternative towing service due to a AAA default!  I’ve asked for a return phone call from two AAA member service supervisors–Dorothy Kihm and Julie Rosario but haven’t yet heard word one from them!!

We have four AAA Plus memberships in our family but frankly are questioning the point of these memberships in the face of such overly slow and wholly inadequate service! Mr. Koch–please call or write to me to explain why we should continue our membership with AAA Mid-Atlantic!

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