The Mocek Spine Clinic

My husband was being seen at this clinic, can’t say he was treated by Dr Mocek as he never say the doctor only saw by him when he had procedures.  Never had a bad drug test there.  His meds have been decreased which put him in a lot of pain, so he asked to get some other type of medicine to help with his severe back pain.  It took over a week to get in touch with someone there and he was finally told that he would have to get an appointment just to see if they could give him a medicine, so pay a $50.00  copays to get a $3.00 prescription.  He had just seen the doctor just the week before.  So when he got upset the office manager fired him, and within 5 minutes called his pharmacy and  canceled his refills.  So now he is going without meds until he can find another dr.  He has tried one doctor but  Mocek has delayed sending medical records so this is delaying him getting an appointment.  This doctor has no respect for people, all he cares about is money!! So after being treated for 3 years he is now in worse shape than before all because of a GREEDY DOCTOR AND HIS STAFF!!  BEWARE OF THIS CLINIC!  Evidently this is a common practice for this so called doctor.  HE HAS FORGOTTEN THE OATH THAT HE TOOK TO BECOME A DOCTOR!!

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