Shahin Javaheri, MD

We are a 2nd plastic surgery clinic in sf, that feel into this trap with troy johnson’s / allure aesthetics inc’s scam that many others are mentioning on the web about troy and his company.

We purchased medical equipment for $48, 300 in june 2017 with empty promises of a delivery and then promises of a refund and have not received either.

Troy johnson and his wife, melissa, seem to work together in the deal. From what I hear, they live in colorado but have an address in ca also.

They came off knowledgeable and even showed proof of product for delivery with serial number and pics, but was never delivered. Refund was promised over and over. He even faked a wire transfer and sent us a snap shot of it but when we contacted the bank, it was falsified. Troy johnson was very creative with his excuses and there were many. I regret ever contacting him/allure aesthetics inc is a fake company where he targets doctor/spas out of their money and never delivers on the product or keeping his word.

Our last conversation over a week ago, he said he may be filing for bankruptcy.

If you are reading this, please do not do business with troy johnson, melissa johnson or allure aesthetics inc. We are taking legal action and will not stop until justice is served. We’ve spent enough time and energy on this, and are letting professionals/authorities do the job now.

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