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This is the letter I sent Dr. Patington with no response.Dr. Partington, I have spent the last 24 hours trying to decide how I am going to handle this situation. Yesterday when I came in to your office I was under the impression that you were going to follow through with an agreement we made back in September. Unfortunately I had the worst experience with you and Mandi.

When I first met you in September you seemed like a kind, caring doctor. You were warm and willing to help rectify the mistakes of your staff. In fact you even offered a hug on your way out of the room. As a reminder, just in case you truly forgot and did not mean to have such poor manners yesterday, my daughter and I came to your office off of a referral from a friend. At the beginning of the summer, sometime around June or July, Shannon injected my daughters’ forehead and my upper lip.

Unfortunately (this word seems to be coming up with your office a lot), my daughter’s eyebrow started to droop and as for my lip the filler didn’t take. When you found out about the poor service my daughter and I had received when we went back into your office to ask Shannon to fix the issues you immediately jumped in to help. Again, you were very kind and willing to rectify the situation. Due to a busy a summer, my vacation and yours, we were unable to connect sooner than September to fix my lip.

When I returned in September to re-discuss the situation you and I both went into Mandi’s office once we came to the agreement, and decided we would trade your time for my lost time and I would pay for the product of $300. You gave me three months to follow up on this offer. At this time I was very grateful and again thought highly of you. I called for an appointment at the beginning of December (with in my three month window) and scheduled for yesterday. This is where things went very wrong and have changed my view of you and your office.

As a responsible consumer I clarified our agreement before any services began. First, I would like to point out that it was VERY disrespectful for you to leave the room and never return. I asked you about the agreement we made and you brushed it off on your staff instead of discussing any concerns or issues or product changes with me directly, I felt completely disrespected from you and Mandi.

You sent your office personnel in to tell me that the service already agreed upon were now going to be $400 more than our agreement, but that you would be gracious enough to take $200 off, leaving me responsible for $500, a whole $200 more than our agreement made in front of another employee. I was shocked. This felt like a scam. I told the office personnel you sent in to get Mandi because she was there when the agreement was made.

She conveniently didn’t “remember” the exact dollar amount. As the consumer don’t you think I remember, I was grateful for your understanding, I was pleased with the amount agreed upon. Yesterday you and Mandi treated me with such disrespect that it brought me to tears. Basically saying well sorry we can’t help you now, even though we messed it up to begin with. What kind of customer service is that? I am not a threating woman; I do not generally go out of my way to write reviews. I am so offended by this experience that I will be writing a review, I felt betrayed and fooled by your initial kindness. Sincerely, Kirkland, Washington

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