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Well, that was a bust! Here are the main points from my experience that you should consider: 1) The exam: Dr. Balter is a really nice guy, but his focus is never on you. My exam appointment slot seemed to be shared with two other people so he was constantly leaving and coming back.

An exam that should have been 30 minutes was over an hour, most of which I spent alone in the exam room confused about what was happening. The other thing about the exam that really put me off was when he numbed my eyes without telling me that’s what he was doing. Seems like something a patient should have a heads up about.

2) The costs: They like to squeeze pennies over there. After my exam they did a very fast calculation of what my insurance would cover, then asked me to fork over $140 on the spot. Not what I was expecting. They also did not provide me with any sort of breakdown on what that covered until I called later and asked for it. I did splurge for the $35 eye picture, which I wouldn’t recommend, so my bad on that one. Other eye exams have shown me similar pictures without the added cost.

Also, they won’t give you your pupillary distance with your glasses prescription unless you buy glasses through them. Since I buy my glasses through an online retailer (and made the mistake of telling them that) they refused to add the PD to my prescription without a fee. A glasses prescription is incomplete without this, so they essentially hold your prescription at a ransom unless you buy their glasses. Pretty shady.

3) The actual prescription: It was completely wrong. I originally went in there to try getting contacts for the first time. The staff was actually very patient through the fitting process while I sat there poking my eye for an hour. I finally got them in, and it was obvious that something was off because everything was blurry. They insisted the prescription was correct, and that it was just tricky because I have astigmatism. I threw in the towel on contacts (not totally on them for that decision – I just didn’t like the idea of touching my eye every day), and just decided to use the glasses Rx they gave me instead.

I ordered my glasses online, and lo and behold, the prescription is completely wrong. I had expressed concern about my glasses prescription to them when the contact prescription seemed wrong, but they brushed me off and said it wasn’t an issue. I’ve ordered glasses from this online retailer before (Warby Parker – absolutely awesome) and they have filled my prescription perfectly every time, so I guarantee you the issue was not on their end.

Hundreds of dollars later, and my yearly covered eye exam wasted, I have no contacts and no new glasses. Bottom line is they are focused on money, not patient care.

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