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On Tuesday, May 29th, I woke up with a mild stye infection in my right eye. I’m assuming it was caused by the night time eye gel. By Wednesday, May 30th, my stye was much worst and could tell it was actually infected because of the swelling near my right ear and throat. I decided I need to go see an urgent care specialist.

I saw a doctor Dennis W Miller MD at the Indigo urgent care in Mill Creek who failed to treat my eye infection with antibiotics. All the signs were clear that I was in need of medication. My eye was half way shut from a stye infection, I had a “cyst” near my ear, and my throat was also swollen. My lymphoids were so swollen it hindered the open and closing of my mouth, but this didn’t happen until the afternoon right before visiting the urgent care center.

I told the doctor of my history and that I’m prone to infections. He disagreed that I had an infection and was certain that I had two different conditions going on. 1. A stye and 2. TMJ. He then prescribed me medication for TMJ (this is a common condition where your jaw pops). I’ve lived with TMJ all my life and it’s not a big deal. This was a totally different scenario. He prescribed me Diclofenac (VOLTAREN). Never once did he look into my eye. I even told him to feel the “cyst” like thing near my ear and that it is very sensitive to the touch.

****I later find out this cyst near my ear is actually a lymphoid that’s responding to the infection.**** I left the urgent care, walked out to my car, and went, “something isn’t right”! I walked back into the urgent care and ask to see the doctor one last time. They set me in the room and I waited for the doctor to see me again. He comes in the room and goes, “oh your back”. I explain to him again that maybe I wasn’t being clear. I told him again that I’m extremely prone to infections, and that the swelling didn’t hinder my jaw until that afternoon. If it was TMJ I would have had to of been grinding and clenching my teeth while I was awake (which is rare usually you wake up with jaw pain from grinding at night).

I also wanted clarification about the “cyst” near my ear. He said, “In the paperwork I gave you there should be a diagram of your jaw bones and its just part of your bone you’re feeling. It’s on both sides of your face.” Maybe I’m still not making myself clear, I said again, “there isnt’ a cyst on the left side of my face…but there IS something I’m feeling on the right side of my face near my infected eye!” At this point, he told me I was just paranoid and to go home and put a warm cloth on my eye. This was humiliating. Nothing worst than a doctor not willing to listen to your concerns then say you’re “paranoid”.

I went home and continued to put hot compressed towels on my eye and hoped for the best. At 3 am I woke up and my eye was so swollen the skin on my eye lid was starting to break. I knew at that point the infection would not be able to be managed without antibiotics. My head is pounding with pain and I drive to the Evergreen Health Emergency room.

There I was treated by a fantastic Doctor who was shocked the urgent care doctor didn’t address this 12 hours earlier. Unfortunately, there are far too many negligent urgent care doctors. If I don’t respond to the oral antibiotics, I have to go back to the ER for liquid antibiotics and my eye will have to be lanced by an ophthalmologist. A specialty doctor would not be covered with my insurance policy and this will be 100% my patient responsibility. Not only did this ER visit cost me several hundred dollars, this could have been completely avoided if I was prescribed the antibiotics I desperately needed 12 hours earlier!!!!! Unbelievable.

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