Kailua Dermatology & Wellness Center

Horrible experience with Kailua Dermatology & Wellness Center! Avoid this business! I was referred to them from My Primary MD Doctor to have a skin blemish inspected on my back, I assumed prior to the appt, that some type of testing would happen, and it did as expected, no issues there, while removal of my skin was done for testing it was verbalized to me(this was done in several minutes) sir, you have some misc spots on your face/head and very quickly with no explanation starting spraying what I think was -liquid nitrogen- basically spraying/freezing areas on my face/head area, you can only assume a so called Dermatologist knows what they are doing and you put your trust in the situation.

This was performed by a Physicians Assistant, not a MD Doctor, I initially had no issue with this as PA are becoming more normal in the medical world, my issue with this person is he has no communication skills, he quickly performed this procedure(face/head area, not what my appt was for) with no explanation of what he was doing, nor any post-procedure instructions, or expectations.

After this quickly applied procedure, the PA was basically walking away from me, I had to say, STOP, can you advise whats going on in regards to my testing etc, what to expect after test results are returned, common questions a patient would have, but again he never explained anything about the face/head spraying of liquid nitrogen, at the time I had a feeling of burning in misc areas of my face/head and left the office, this was at 11am, around 4pm the same day, I started to have large BLISTERS on my face/head from the procedure!

Unbelievable and painful, woke up the next day and not only had blisters but now some blisters were burst due to sleeping on my pillow, again, noone in office ever stated any post-procedure instructions or any expectations I may have blisters, UNBELIEVABLE, the next day I contacted my Primary MD and I also called Kailua Dermatology and requested to speak to a office manager to express my concerns of what had happened to me, I spoke to office manager and she did not like my complaint/concerns and actually HUNG UP the telephone on me! I am filing a formal ethics complaint with my insurance company, avoid this practice at all costs, they are UNPROFESSIONAL!! Note, I also emailed a internal complaint with the office, of course noone in this establishment has any professional ethics to contact myself. I look forward to my insurance company doing a full investigation!

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