Hawaii Plastic Surgery Institute

This is the first time I write a review, I also dont usually write, just read, but I thought I needed to tell you guys about this one. So I used my Groupon for 3 laser hair removals and it didn’t work at all because how the treatment was performed at Hawaii Plastic Surgery Institute. I got there and I didn’t shave ahead of time because I wanted the aesthetician to see my hair first, but I knew the shaving had to be done.

She told me to lie down, told me I didn’t need to shave, pass the machine one time on my upper lip and said: “it’s done”! She didnt take any time to tell me anything, pre procedure, post, what she was going to do, nothing, no talk, just me trying to get answers from her and she answering me in monosyllables.

Honestly no exaggeration, I was with the aesthetician in the room for no longer than 3 minutes. I didn’t feel anything was done, didnt feel zapping, tangling, nothing… it was the quicker $50 a minute treatment I had done. I had laser treatment before I know how it feels and that felt like nothing happened. So, I went to ask her to zapp this one hair that grows on my chin, and she said no, it is considered a different area.

I was not asking to do my whole chin, it was one hair that considering less than 1 minute she spent doing my lip, it would’ve taken her extra 10 seconds. Obviously it didn’t work at all, so next time I came back , still no instructions from her whatsoever, I shaved and she used a different machine, this time I felt the zapping, and the smell of burning hair, but there was again no communication from her.

LAst time I asked for the doctor to do it, who although was better than the Yuko lady, had no idea on how to use the machine well and didn’t give me the time of the day. Two thumbs down for this place, the staff, the equipment. And the price, it costs me $50 for each treatment for the upper lip, as oppose to $75 anywhere else. I rather pay $75 and get it done right.

So I went to the Hon Med Spa, the lady who performed my laser was extremely attentive, asked me a lot of questions, gave me a lot of information, took her time to pass the machine a few times on my lip, put a cream on before and afterwards and sunscreen, so I ended up buying a package there, which they give you a discount if you buy the 6 treatments.

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