Dr Lesley Sanders

I took my daughter to Dr Lesley Sanders for about 4 months.  I was told everything was confidential when I attempted to touch base with the doctor Dr Lesley K. Sanders. I have received no specific diagnosis after the initial evaluation, no information about the therapeutic approach, no information regarding what our family could do on our end to help our child.

I did not want confidential details, just a sense of how the doctor was helping my child to move forward.  Never got it, and from the little my daughter spoke about the therapy sessions, it did not sound like any real strategies were provided to her to help her move forward.   At the onset of treatment the doctor discussed having my child go from her high school to the doctor’s office independently, as I work 25 miles away.

I trusted the doctor’s judgement regarding this arrangement, as she was the licensed professional.  Unfortunately, she did not inform me until after 2 missed sessions that my child had not been coming.  I would have expected that a concerned mental health professional would have informed the parents immediately after their child’s first missed session, for two reasons:   First, out of concern for the child’s well being, as the child is receiving mental health services and may have experienced a setback.

Second, out of concern that the parents knew their child had missed a session, as children are capable of lying to their parents about keeping appointments.  These issues did not appear to be important to the doctor. She did not appear to value timely communication with us, the parents of her underage patient, or to be concerned about any reasons for our child missing two appointments.

In her call she made it quite clear that her primary concern was to receive full payment for both sessions.  When I pay an out of pocket hourly rate five times what I earn, I expect more.

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