Dr. Carl De Los Reyes

“we notify all patients during the initial phone call that procedures are usually not done on the first visit as the patient needs to be first evaluated as cases may be complex or it may be a very busy time.” Dr. Carl De Los Reyes’s office did not notify me of this. if the procedure couldn’t be scheduled that day, i told them i could not come in because that did not work for my schedule seeing as i had a wedding. so either you are lying or they lied just to get me to come in.

“we certainly do not want to rush a procedure. we want to do the right thing and i think that is more important.” you were not restructuring my face. you were removing a mole. hardly anything that you needed a whole week or two weeks to figure out how to remove it. i doubt this was the first time you’ve ever removed a mole. there was no rushing you during the procedure. whether you did the procedure that day or a month later, made no difference other than it affecting my availability.

“also, it seems that her treatment and her postop appointment went well. there may have been a misunderstanding in this case with the scheduling and we apologize for that.” my treatment technically went well. you didn’t disorganize my face. was it a good experience? definitely not! my post appointment went well, simply because it was short and i didn’t have to pay for parking.

i don’t think i misunderstood anything when scheduling. i was very clear with your office what would and would not work, yet they scheduled me anyway knowing full well that if my procedure was for the 10th, it would not work. what is there to misunderstand about that? if your office can’t understand simple scheduling i suggest you retrain them or get new staff. it’s really a shame your office takes no responsibility for misleading clients.

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