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I’ve been seeing Dr. Kittell for almost three years. The main reason I continue to go is so that my two children can be seen by his nurse Debi, who is wonderful with children but tends to like to lecture me on panic.

Over the years Dr. Kittell has become less thorough. Last year my issues with anxiety/depression got pretty bad so now it seems that no matter my problem- my diagnosis is anxiety.

I went in today, still hacking up brown mucus and blowing bloody snot out of my nose, having trouble breathing in the “yellow zone” on the asthma chart. Didn’t even get anything checked. His advice was: go see your psychiatrist. Sorry doctor, I’ve mentally been doing great for months before you just now really irritated me by not actually taking care of your patient!

I begged for an inhaler just so I could breathe after several days of struggling and immediately contacted my friend who is a doctor to get some real help.

I don’t think I’ll be returning. Just because someone has anxiety- doesn’t mean “anxiety” is always the reason for their problem.

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