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My experience with Dr. Falcone was in direct opposition to above reviews: I could not trust him and he did try to sell me everything under the sun. When I left saying I had to think about the procedures he recommended, I got a hard sell at the door by the hygenist!

Let me say this: I take good care of my teeth and have been getting exams and cleanings twice yearly since I was a kid. I had a full set of x-rays and had a clean bill of health 6 months prior to my visit with Dr. Falcone. My gums are pink and healthy, I do not bleed with flossing, no pain or sensitivity.

fter an excruciatingly painful exam (I was actually crying – on which Dr Falcone did not comment) he informed me I needed to replace a filling, get a mouth guard, get scaling and root cleaning 3x/year, replace an old filling, get gum grafting surgery. I couldn’t eat lunch after the exam because my gums hurt so badly.

I am willing to do whatever I need to to be healthy, but the sheer volume of recommendations seemed suspect, and I wasn’t sure after such a painful exam I trusted this office with any more work on my teeth, so I got a 2nd opinion. A dentist I trust spend 30 minutes with me, my x-rays, some educational pictures and a mirror. He showed me exactly what he looks for to decide if procedures need to be done.

While I watched with a mirror he showed me how to use the tool to measure my gum pockets – all a healthy 3mm. Now this did not hurt because he stopped at first resistance. My best guess: Dr. Falcone dug that tool deep into my gums, injuring me, in order to conclude my pockets were deep enough to justify the expensive deep cleaning.

My dentist showed me the x ray showing no dark area around the filling in question, how his tool could not find and “sticky’ areas – he said its worth watching because its old but at this time there is no indication it requires replacing. He showed me the one area they might consider gum grafting, but said it had been stable for years. He asserted if it worsened the procedure could be done at a later time without harm – Dr. Falcone had literally threatened that without the work my teeth could fall out.

I have a relative who practices dentistry in Oregon. He says a company has been teaching classes to dentists on how to increase their profits with deep cleaning. Sounds like Dr Falcone is a graduate of that seminar. Its one thing to earn money off questionable procedures, it another all together to tear up my soft tissue during an exam to justify it.

My advise: Keep this guy away from your teeth.

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