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My complaint is with the Stratford office. I am an implant patient who was happy with 1st appt. The follow-up was normal, after surgery. This was in late January. My next visit was March 18th, after healing period. I was sent a voicemail 1hr before my scheduled appt. to call office. Anyhow, I didn’t see voicemail, so I went to dental office as scheduled and was informed my appt. had to be rescheduled 2 full weeks later.

The reason being, they did not have the equipment to perform my visit!!? What the HELL? It was allegedly at the Stamford office and the dr. would not be back in Stratford office for another 2wks., ..allegedly. So I suggested why don’t you schedule me for appt. at Stamford office? They’re all booked up, allegedly.

So now I am inconvenienced in a major way and the Dr. doesn’t even give me a personal apology or explanation as to why the implant kit is not there to perform my office visit, but leaves it up to receptionist to explain HIS INCOMPETENCE. This is highly annoying and very unprofessional. Moreover on their appt. card it states; “if unable to keep appointment, kindly give us 24 hrs. notice”. How sad is that?!!!

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