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I never felt like Dr. Knudsen really cared about me as a patient. If he did his work on my teeth didn’t demonstrate it. Dr. Knudsen was very good at explaining things and getting my confidence. But I learned later that some of the things he said were misleading. He takes only Delta Dental insurance.

I had a different company and he told me that dentists on “preferred” lists who negotiate with the other insurance companies will cut corners and give inferior care. That was absolutely false! Now I have a dentist (preferred by my Met Life ins.) who has proved it. Dr. Knudsen is in no position to criticize other dentists. It’s just his way of conning people.

I was also persuaded get a bridge when I should have had an implant. He did the work and gave me a temporary crown to cover 3 teeth. It was constantly falling off and I had to live with it for 2 weeks. He made me a new one after a few days but it was just as bad as the first one.

After the job was finished my bite was off. In adjusting it his partner dentist (wife I think) ground off too much enamel and now my teeth on that side barely meet. He agreed to redo the job but said future work would correct the bite. It was a very unpleasant, long experience and I didn’t want to go through it again so I agreed. He was mistaken about the ease of correction so now I’m stuck with a poor bite on that side. He would probably still redo it but I’ve had enough.

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