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STAY AWAY!!! I went to Barnum Dental located in Stratford for a regular checkup and had my appointment with Dentist Veerjinder Singh. I was told I had a couple of cavities that needed to be taken care of. The dentist proceeded with the fillings. He worked on my left side, both, 2 top teeth and a bottom tooth. As soon as I left, I noticed that when I closed my mouth I didn’t have my teeth aligned with the top and bottom. It felt as if I had a small rock preventing my top and bottom teeth to meet like they normally did.

On the bottom tooth he worked on, with my tongue, I could feel something sharp . I also noticed that on the top teeth that he also worked on, it felt like one large tooth. I noticed all this walking out of the office and towards my car, but figured it was ok I mean it was only fillings, nothing major. So I start driving, heading to the Walgreens in Stratford (not even a mile away from the dentist office) and I end up having 2 small, hard pieces of something loose in my mouth. I look in the mirror and I have a hole on my bottom tooth.

I never make it to Walgreens when I have to head back to the dentist and immediately he says “you cracked it.” He’s getting ready to “fix” it. I ask him for dental floss because as I mentioned earlier, my 2 top teeth felt as if it was one long tooth. The floss doesn’t glide between my teeth, I ask him if this is normal (obviously it’s not) and he takes the dental floss and tries to force it, it doesn’t go through. He finally “fixes” both issues. Hours later, once I get home, I notice my mouth is sore, I look in the mirror and see several small cuts all over my gums and on my cheeks ( maybe I didn’t notice before because my mouth was numb).

The next day, I feel my jaw heavy and sore, I couldn’t chew with my left side. A few days later, I noticed that it was uncomfortable to eat with my left side. If I had something cold, I felt my teeth got cold. If I had something hot, I felt my teeth get hot. This was on both top and bottom teeth. I feels like the pain when you have a cavity and eat candy only added with a cold/hot temperature. Weeks went by and I still had that same issue, I couldn’t eat on that side and I was actually still in pain.

I really didn’t want to go back to that office to “fix” it again. I tried going to other dental offices, but they all turned me away because they said my insurance would not cover the same procedure twice within a year and they wouldn’t get paid because the original dentist already got payment. About 3 months after my visit, the filling comes out, I have a huge hole in my mouth and now I really can’t eat from my left side. Moral of the story, STAY AWAY FROM THIS “DENTIST”…. Again I only had tooth fillings, nothing major at all.

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