Aspen Dental Office, staff and services rendered

Went to an Aspen office in Port Charlotte Fl., on 8/20/2019 to have clips changed in denture as they had stretched out. Plate is 3 years old.

On first visit was told they didn’t have the clips but would order them. Returned on 8/30/19 and supposedly all clips were changed.

Felt pretty good for about a day when I developed large sore under front edge of plate and they were as loose as they were when I first visited.

Clips were readjusted so I was told, but to no avail. Went back again on 9/10, 9/18, 9/24 and the final visit on 9/28. On the visit of 9/18 the dental assistant told me she could see the problem and she was going to file the front edge.

I don’t know if she consulted the dentist or not. This byfar made the situation much worse. On final visit I was told another clip would be changed.

Went in for my appointment and was taken back to the room. Waited an hour and 45 minutes before getting so upset I got up and went to the front desk and told them this was unacceptable.

They were literally ready to close the office and not a single person came in the room to tell me they screwed up and didn’t have the needed part.

I have severe pain when eating, sore is still there despite following their orderes, front of chin is sore to the touch.

I am very upset about this whole thing. Went to a prosthodontist when I returned home to Jennings and he replaced all clips and said not sure it would work as front of plate was too short thanks to filing at Aspen.

Now the only option is to have a new plate made, take off the bar and have screws directly into plate making it truely permanent. This all to the tune of $8700.00 dollars.

I don’t have that kind of money and now am stuck with a plate that won’t stay in, moves around with chewing thus causing the sore to stay open, pain, and pure anger for what has been done.

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