Mrs. Natalie of Georgetown

Everything stated was incorrect. Was pushy and used all the info given first reading to do the second. I didn’t enjoy neither as entertainment nor as a psychology setup. She told me not to spend my money on readings, which she was right.

I’m also a tarot reader and barely anything she said had anything to do with the cards. Either she was doing a clairvoyant reading but I asked for tarot and her story didn’t align at all with any of her cards except the two of swords. I’m sorry but didn’t enjoy it.

I see others have so you can try and find out for yourself. It’s always good to give the benefit of the doubt but two weeks earlier she read exactly the opposite from her reading the second time- the opposite. I asked how come she was contradicting herself and she said my spirit tricked her as it wanted to see something else. So if my spirit tricked her- beware your spirit may trick her also into a false reading and then contradictory ones.

I mean completely opposite. One day I have a difficult job with a family I need to move away from, the next time it’s my spirit and the guy I would marry is evil and I will meet a guy in two months. The oldest trick inreadings– telling a young woman whose single that they will meet their love in 2 months. Never happens…

I was told in the shop the same and if you ever ask why the delays- it’s you’re not ready. Thank God I’ve been praying to not fall prey of divination ever again and this reading gave me liberty of false hopes from previous reading and allowed me to see the readings don’t provide insight be they change in a whim.

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