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I am really frustrated and furious after realising I was scammed. Marco Robinson whose real name is Marko Lawrence Robinson together with Malvidran Ganesh created this fake and dicey company featuring naked coin which not only scammed people across the nation but also put them through a lot of misery, including me.

By the time, it was lucid that the coin is of no worth, the harm was already done. I have been investing in various crypto coins and have never been ditched this way. These guys are full of crap. Please forgive for the language, but they do deserve it. These guys promised a lot of things. We were told that we would be earning the profits right away and it would turn into a fortune for us.

The problem began when the time came to give us back the earnings. When I invested, I was promised that the wallet will be available in a week. I waited, but that never happened. I saw the price rising. But, without wallet, how could I have tried to reap the benefit of the purchased coin.

I tried to call them. But, no one answered. The support team was a lie. I emailed them. But, the same problem persisted. There was nothing that I could have done. You name it. And, I did it. I connected with them through the twitter profile. I even tried their facebook and every social media possible. I also tried to track them down.

It was getting difficult for me to get hold of them. But, I did find out what they were doing with all the money. I checked on the internet and found hundreds of complaints listed on their name. They used to manipulate the website. Any bad comment and it was deleted immediately. There was no way one could have guessed anything wrong by just looking at their website.

They were smart and that is the reason why people like me who are experienced in investing in digital coins got fooled. They followed the same pattern for every investor. Or, at least whom I know by now. These guys connected with me through the various forums initiated on their scam. Here I got to know that I was not alone. Many of the investors, or I should say, all of them were scammed.

The worst part is that their support was always unsupportive. You could not have reached it. Even the luck never worked in that case. They intentionally made people believe that the future of their coin is breath-taking. However, in reality, they knew that they were doing nothing to make that happen.

When I was told that the wallet will be live in a week, I believed them. It was also a mistake. The wallet surfaced long after that. I was in a condition that I gave up before trying because of their unresponsive support.

The wallet did was realised. However, until then the price had dropped by a huge margin. It was like losing it for all. In addition, the percentage of ROI that I received was not even half of what I was eligible to receive. I tried every option to clear that confusion. But, I knew that it wasn’t any confusion. It was their intention to make us suffer.

They also got their coin registered with sgcoinex calling it an exchange. However, it was again just a website created by these guys to fool investors. When investors started doubting it, they changed the coin to ER20 and claimed that the coins were registered with etherdelta. However, no one was allowed to sell the tokens. They had some limits. And, no one was ever able to sell these coins.

They did the same thing with everyone. How much they had the guts to fool people and party with the money that the investors put in the scam. Marko did as many parties as he can. And, suddenly vanished. There was no trace of him. I tried every way to get hold of him. But, it was of no use.

I believe that they were prepared from start to find out where they would run to. I have always found this hilarious. Some people make these plans and execute it. They did not fail at getting worse in terms of their ethics and integrity. And, they do make all the profits and enjoy their lives to the fullest. However, they completely forget that the fun is short lived.

The same destiny is waiting for these two guys. Marko and Malvindran. The class law section suit is already in progress. These guys have been already declared fosters. Sooner or later, they would be serving people inside the jail.

I was given no choice to get back what I lost. There are many others who have the same thought as mine. The karma will follow them. One can always think that people will forget about the scam and they would be accepted the way they were before the scam. But, many of us have lost our life savings. It is impossible for us to let things go. I will be waiting for the day even if it means to wait till my life ends only to make sure they are convicted of the crime that they accomplished.

I am going to spread the word and would write about them everywhere. I will make sure that these people are known to every other person interested in investing into crypto coins. They go to various meeting and collaborations organized for crypto investors and founders. And, are not very popular. Hence, can scam any of these people as well.

Marko is a stupid person. He does not have any ethics. He has been dealing with so many acquisitions and still no shame. People like him are meant to be executed for life. If he will be left out, he will continue to scam people all around the world only to live a lavish life.

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  • Marco is only great at eating money

    Naked technology is a super flow start up by Marco, He is roaring about his free house trip and made an enough media coverage to get the great exposure. Even worse its worked quite heavily, God knows if he delivered the keys to the lady or not.

    He started the naked technology by partnering with Malvidran Ganesh and has been scamming people all over the world.

    Just hat this guy and wasted money.

    Wilson Seth September 20, 2018 9:02 pm Reply

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