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I had purchased items from this site a couple of time. When I made my most recent purchase, my credit card number appeared on its own. I do not normally leave my credit card number on site, but thought maybe I had made a mistake. After completing the purchase, I went to my account page on Woman Within and accessed personal information with the intent of deleting the card number. No credit information was listed on my account page.
I called customer support and was told it was not possible that my number would appear if I did not type it in and tell the site to save it. The person did not know why my credit information did not appear on my account page. I obtained a phone number for what the person said was tech support, but what turned out to be the real customer support (I had been talking to a sales person, according to the new person). (I have all the names, but don’t want to publish them because I believe it is the company’s fault if its employees are poorly trained.)
The new person also told me that what I was experiencing is impossible. Got the same unhelpful answers and was told that she was not customer service either, that they are closed on Sundays. She said I would need to call tech support. I asked for that number. She said she did not have it, but she did have the customer service number. While providing that, she discovered she did have tech support number.
I called tech support Monday and was told it was not possible that my number would pop up unless I typed it in and told the site to save it. Then I asked if that were case, why didn’t my credit information appear on my account page. The reason is because my computer, without my knowing it, has an automatic fill-in feature that fills in that information. Somehow, this software picks up my number from a previous typing and saves and then uses it for my convenience. I said if that were the case then that credit card number would pop up every time I shopped online. I could not believe anyone in a technical support job could be so stupid.
This site has a number of sister sites that presumably would also have access to my credit card number. I called the credit card company, but all they could do was to cancel the purchase and/or issue me a new number.
If you care about your credit security, don’t buy here or at any of the sister sites: OneStopPlus, Roaman’s, Jessica London, BylaneHome, avenue, KingSize, Bargain Catalog Outlet.

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