lack of professionalism And Scammers

I cannot express how disappointed I am in Lexington Law. Just yesterday, I signed up for the service and spent over 1 1/2 hours with Marissa, a Credit Consultant. I paid for the credit report even though this website, along with others indicate it’s free of charge instead of the $14.99 I paid. During the session, we went over every single credit item (and there are lot of them) on all three bureaus. Today, I receive an email asking me to go through my credit reports and identify those items that need to be disputed one by one. This couldn’t be true, since I completed the process yesterday. I called in and waited. The Paralegal explained that my file had not been completed. In fact, Marissa, labeled each item as not applicable. What? It may seem small to them, but dealing with credit issues is hard and painful. It’s important to know you can believe it people who are working on your behalf; not to mention the service is NOT free. I asked to speak to a supervisor. Of course, no one is available. Yes, I’m ranting because I’m always disappointed in poor customer service and a lack of professionalism especially when you’re just getting started. The worse part is nobody and I mean nobody cares!!!!

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  • Lack of details

    Although the representatives at the Lexington Law are nice and friendly, but they fail to provide all the details. The representative was in a hurry to finalize the deal and thus did not mention about the initiation fee. This attitude somehow amazed me, it need so be improved.

    Teresa Smith March 20, 2019 1:15 pm Reply
  • Lack of professionalism

    I am asking questions and all I get “ give us driving license then we will tell how it works and how much we will charge for it…

    Jack March 20, 2019 5:18 pm Reply
  • Not Worthy at all!

    I got involved in Lexington Law through another site where I was looking at rent-to-own homes. (that site, the rent to own one is a complete waste!). And what Lexington pitched seemed really great. I’m sure they are great in the end but please make sure you have the money to.. fix your money. I only had them for a month and shelled out well over $100. I think my credit is a little better but I do not at all feel like it was worth it right now. I guess it’s my own fault for getting caught up in the sales pitch and a pitch it certainly was, complete with deals and we-can-dos! If you don’t have money set aside to work on your credit already DO NOT ANSWER THE PHONE! lol.

    Garry Riley March 21, 2019 10:34 am Reply
  • This place is a scam

    This place is a complete scam. Originally called to sign up my fiancé and the enrollment person informed me we could sign up together at a discounted rate of 119 in stead of just paying 100$ for him by himself. THAT’S ALL HE SAID. the next month ioharged239$. When i called they refused to refund insisting i was a liar and their enrollment reps are scripted so he did in fact tell me this. The charged me another 80$ to cancel and refused to let me cancel my fiancees account that gets billed to MY CREDIT CARD. Oh and i had to call in and finish my own dispute for the nearly 319$ they basically robbed me of.

    Luella Clark March 22, 2019 12:02 pm Reply

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