GAP Credit Card

The customer service people sitting with half knowledge and they act like they are very smart and intelligent… sometime I just laugh inside with anger. When I ask them to prove they just become horrible and rude.

They don’t know what they provide information to their customers. Reward point is big joke. If you return using your reward points, they won’t credit card. I used my other credit cards like master and discover many times to transfer money through western union they never charged me extra $10 fees and with gap visa, first time I used this card to transfer money through western union and boom I see $10 extra fees. Outrageous… I don’t recommend anyone to go Gap Visa Credit card. Worst credit card eve.

Customer service is really bad. AI system is incapable of understanding what you say and for your kind information I have a pretty neutral accent very easy to understand. Their customer service AI system forces you to say the same thing again and again in different ways but still doesn’t understand a word and doesn’t transfer to a customer service rep easily either.

The reps on top of that are trained to answer only a limited set of questions so anything asked out of their list and they repeat the same answers that do not apply to your question. The benefit is the rewards if you shop at banana republic, gap, etc a lot. But I am not sure how they handle rewards reimbursements on returned items and customer reps aren’t helpful in explaining how that works.

So for all you know, and based on previous reviews here are probably not handling that well.
Overall, it’s stressful and I am planning to quit this card and would not recommend this Company to even the worst of my enemies.

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