PG Builders

We hired PG Builders last spring to do a small project as a test for future work.  We had them install three exterior doors for us.  The two sliders are ok – except you have to try six times before they will lock but I will blame the doors for that.

As for the front door – our contract said the door would seal properly – they came out at least 5 times to try and fix it but when the sales guy tried to give me instructions the last time over the phone on how to fix it myself I just never bothered to call them again.

Every day I walk by the front door and see light coming in and feel air coming in. It drives me crazy.  I ignored the workman asking to make coffee, throwing cigarette butts in the yard and missing the driveway to leave a huge rut in the yard but now I have to be reminded every day when I see the front door that I paid them money for this horrible job.

I should post pictures of the door jam to show the screws sticking out and all of the cut marks – it looks like a 5 year old did it.  Maybe they should stick to roof installations.

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