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To anyone thinking of hiring Design Builders, Inc:  Steer clear.  We would rate this business zero stars if that was an option.  James Moylan’s interest is not in you or your project, it is entirely in what he can get away with at your expense.  If you decide to hire Design Builders, be extremely careful to protect yourself and your own interests before you enter into a contractual relationship with this company.

When issues arise on the job, do not expect James Moylan to take any responsibility for problems resulting from mistakes or unauthorized changes to the work made by his crew.  If he treats your project the way he treated ours, he will ignore the issues or or deny that they exist.  On our project he did not comply with his obligations according to the contract.  Beyond that,

we experienced an alarming lack of communication between James Moylan and his subs (including the project manager), serious incompetence in the management and execution of the work (including unauthorized changes), and silence, deceit, and denial of fact from James to us.  This man is not trustworthy.  There are many better, reliable and upstanding contractors in the metropolitan DC area.  Take the time to look for one of them.

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