Weakest communication skills in employees

The advertisement of OctaSkills popped out when I was surfing my social media accounts. When I signed up with them to satisfy the staffing needs of my company, the company committed to give the best strategies. However, what I observed was that their staffing strategies were absolutely impractical. They suggested me to go for fresh candidates for the positions that required experience and expertise. They need to work on their strategy designing. The whole process was so sluggish and there whole team is so Impractical and un professional. Alot of training is required before jumping them in or handling over a candiate to a Business. This will not only save the time of the business owner but it will help them also to gain some success. But even after giving them alot suggestion they are not willing to upgrade there policies and team. We have closed the contract with OctaSkills.com and we will never ever work with them again.

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  • Slow working process

    My father’s company was going through an impressive merger and he needed staff for his expanding business. I recommended him to deal with Octa Skills. But he was so unhappy by their service. He needed the staff immediately to set things to work. But the company processed everything so sluggishly.

    Jack March 21, 2019 5:34 pm Reply

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