Somaderm HGH GEL IS A SCAM!!!! BEWARE!!!!

NUL’s SOMADERM pitch is “real hgh”, the only real hgh available without a prescription….and so the deception starts….how so? Let’s look at that….
1) There is ZERO HGH in “one pump” of SOMADERM….NONE…
2) There is ZERO HGH in a 3.5 ounce bottle of SOMADERM…NONE
3) There never has been, there isnt now and there never will be ANY HGH in any bottles of SOMADERM….
4) If you took EVERY bottle of SOMADERM ever manufactured, being manufactured or will be manufactured and dumped them all into a giant bottle, you would have EXACTLY ZERO HGH….if you took every bottle of this gel when it was marketed under Strike first nutrition…and added it to all the SOMADERM bottles you would have Exactly…….ZERO HGH, NONE…if you took every bottle of this gel, from SOMADERM to strike first nutrition all the way back over the past 14 years and COMBINED them all together you would have…..drum roll please ZERO HGH….NONE, not a molecule, not a microdose, NONE, ZERO…..and that’s the cold hard truth behind ALEXY’s scam……HGH is a schedule III prescription pharmacuetical…If there was ANY HGH IN THIS OR ANY OF THESE PRODUCTS, NOW, THEN OR IN THE FUTURE…the DEA would raid Alexy’s office, arrest him, shut him down and charge him with felony distribution under the anabolic steroid act…..PERIOD…does anyone not understand this? Do you see the scam? Do you see the BLANTANT deception promoted by a fraud and a liar?

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