Vanessa Shimansky – Canada

Vanessa Shimansky is a liar, a thief and a cheater. She makes out with customers in the back parking lot of the Burger King restaurant where she works. I caught her in the back seat of some guy’s car, doing drugs and they were in the middle of other activities, which I assume was how Vanessa was paying back the guy for her drugs. Vanessa was very mean to my children, and my children hated her. She would call my kids all kinds of terrible names, and had even ended up stealing my son’s pain medication and selling it on the street for her drug money. She even stole my daughter’s clothes and shoes, and sold them for drugs too. My kids told me all the time how much they hated her, and they wanted nothing to do with me because they didn’t want to see the psycho freak. Even Vanessa’s daughter, Annabell hates her own mother, and wants nothing to do with her. Vanessa hit Annabell in the face and call her horrible names that a mother would never call their daughter. Annabell only lives with her father, and doesn’t even want to see her freaky drugged-out mother, especially when she brings home all kinds of different men to pay them in favors for drugs. Vanessa is jealous of everyone, and stalks and harasses important people in my life out of her jealousy of them, as she will never amount to anything in her life. She is mad at others who have nice cars, nice houses and boats, as she wants that too, but will never have anything because she spends all her greasy spoon money on cigarettes, drinking and drugs. Vanessa Shimansky

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