Stacey Kruze — Australia

Stacey Kruze is originally from the Gold Coast Australia. She flys to Sydney on and off as an floozy, topless waitress and and the rest you name it. You might find her on a stage doing XXX shows or swinging off a pole. She leaves her child with her ex (who isn’t the father) while she’s still living her best life. At the age of 29 ALMOST 30 you think she would have her sh1t together right? Nope #GOALS She goes through friends like she goes through guys. And girls…… DONT TELL HER ANYTHING PERSONAL BECAUSE SHE WILL USE IT AGAINST YOU WHEN YOUS HAVE A FALL OUT. She has to be one of the most toxic girls I have ever came across. She’s so quick to say nasty things about other girls appearances yet you will never see her without makeup, filtered as f**k photos etc. With a waist so small from all the pepsi she’s inhaled over the years and god knows what other drugs she’s taken and claims she “lives at the gym” …. Before her ridiculous size fake boobs she’s had done thanks to floozying.. they were a size A. Now before anyone says anything…. I’m not against fake boobs etc… but if you have fakies and your befores were just nipples hanging off your boney chest then I recommend you keep your nasty opinions to yourself. She didn’t work for them, her vagina did. Now what else haven’t I ticked off the list? She acts like she’s tough and that no one will say anything to her face actually makes me laugh. Babes your not that tough one bit. No one says anything to you because you thrive off drama like crazy… If you know this girl then you might want to get her help. Stacey Kruze

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