Sociopath EX Wife

She blamed mefor everything. I gave her the world and still not enough. Sue got bored with our lives so she decided to play a game and ruin more marraiages not just her own. Playing him like no tomorrow and she will dump him just as fast. She easily had her friends do some shady shit against his spouse so her lying ass could move in. Jokes on him you can keep her and I know your ex wife has got to be relieved that you let her out. The ugly stick just wouldnt stop hitting poor old old old Thomas of Eloy. I would be hiding in the sky if i had a mug like that too!!!
Rumor has it he has been cheqting on her with multiple woman the whole time! Muahahahahaha
Its not over yet ugly! All the cash you embezzled she already has her sights in and will be gonw with you holding the bag to take the fall! Promise
Serves you right selfish cow!

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