Scott Howard Whitlock Weylan – Texas

Scott, who also goes by Dylan Cole, Cole Knight, Scott Weylan & Scott Howard.. new name in every town it seems. New “life story” but it always seems to contain the details that he opened for Chris Ledoux, Neal McCoy, Charlie Daniels… etc… Yeah we get it, you think you’re awesome.. my thoughts are MEH, not all that! He boasts of years on the road, he is a karaoke w**** who will sleep with and cheat on every girl he can. I love you means nothing, some girls he has ‘loved’ have been abandoned with kids, business debt, and all because they ‘did’ something to him.. well dumb a**, if everyone always does something to you, then maybe, just MAYBE, the common factor is YOU and YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! He has bailed on buisness contracts, kids, women.. hell he can’t even keep from stealing from friends! He is a loser and hun, if you are in his world you are far better without him! He will spend your money then tell you what HE DID FOR YOU.. HA! Like spending the money, and not paying bills is doin anything for anyone! Then, he’ll want all the belongings, because HE bought them.. bull s***! He ‘can’t work’, yes he can.. he just doesn’t WANT to.. he is diabetic not disabled! Diabetics work hard jobs every day.. he’d rather play video games and look for p**** to pay for things than be honest and hard working! Scott Howard Whitlock Weylan

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