Scott Bradley Leaver Cheater – United Kingdom

After 4 years he turned out to be a pathological liar who had been having unprotected sex with other girls (including impregnating at least one that I became aware of & forcing the poor girl to abort it as well as transmitting STDs) – denied everything until it was all getting far too ridiculous for him to continue denying it. While the poor other girl had flown home for an abortion, he was back on tinder straight away looking for new girls. I was left in complete shock as he had always vowed he would never do such a thing to me. Rather than choosing the more respectful choice of breaking up, he put me through this hell. I found out he was cheating at the point of the abortion being discussed via text. He was terribly drunk dropped his phone, I picked up his phone and saw the messages…the lead up to the abortion message were messages to ‘meet up’ after work on his way home to me or weekends when he told me he was heading out with ‘the boys’. As far as I am aware this went on for at least 3 months but with the compulsive lies and constant denial (but clearly false) in the end made me re-consider his faithfulness to me over the previous 4 years as he seemed so well rehearsed and confident with his lies and back up stories – it really was creepy – he turned out to be a stranger in the end – the person I thought he was turned out to be a complete lie. Scott Bradley Leaver Cheater

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