Krystal Milioti Lovin – Florida

Warning to anyone considering dating Krystal Milioti Lovin in Navarre, Florida beware!!! She is a liar, alcoholic, a drug abuser, and unfaithful. I lived with her and her son for over a year. Over that time period, I was lied to repeatedly by her, witnessed her abusing alcohol daily, she went out drinking with her mother, stepfather and ex boyfriend Ricky Tremblay behind my back, and was hooking up cheating on me allegedly doing drugs with her so called ex Ricky while I was out of town working. She is an unfaithful cheater. Before ending the relationship, I endured finding sex related hook up texts between Ricky and Krystal on her cellphone, hook up rumors of several 3 ways with black men and lesbians with Krystal, her setting my clothes on fire in our living room, she stabbed my shoes repeatedly with a butcher knife while high/drunk, and attempted to poison my dog Kory to death with pills. I learned after the fact that she was Baker Acted in Florida 3 times for alcohol and drugs according to her divorce decree with her ex husband Brad Lovin. Yes, locked up in a mental facility. To top all of this off, she works in the Pharmacy Department at the local Walmart. Krystal Milioti Lovin

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