Ken Whittaker Jr

In all seriousness I wish I had seen this guy on here sooner.
My girlfriend of 16 months karyann me and her took a break she said he was just a old friend until he started texting her messaging her all the time.
Beleeved her nothing happened between them me her got back together had sex a few times couple weeks I brake out in blisters on my personal parts. Tell hers about it all says oh it’s just a rash she had one two on lher face to must be the soap we used.
Starting out the flu how I felt never had nothing like this before.
This guy Ken says never touch her. She starts crying says yes they had sex in his room was weird his mom in living room and all. That she lied they ben hookin up all summer long.
Look this old dude up and looky here not the first time he has done this.
Now he’s all about posting pictures of her tryin to be all tough in his 50s I’m as old as his son an hers he’s a crack pipe lips blistered pos that has to stop runing people lifes.
Good luck two both of them guess mr herpster did it agin

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