Diversified Lending Group Securities

I am in despair. The job I work at is pretty much a dead-end. There is excess work but hardly any pay. I wish to quit but cannot afford to because I have two children to look after. In such a situation I became really vulnerable and became one of the fools to invest in Diversified Lending Group. I don’t know much about finance jibber-jabber which is probably why I am in deep shit right now.
That conceited man from this company convinced me to invest with Diversified Lending Group that is now in huge trouble for messing with financial laws. They were caught for scamming people and were served. Their assets are now frozen and I wonder if I will ever get my money back let alone the interest I was promised during the investment company. I invested with them about a year back hoping to make some money for my son’s college fund and now it seems like I am never going to get anything back. Having said that, I am not going down with a fight. I won’t give up. A disgruntled customer is the worst thing any company can face.
I am spreading the news as far as I can about these guys so no one else is falls into their trap as well. Guys do be careful. These guys are the lowest level of scum. Beware of random investment schemes. If you do plan to make any investments, check with several other people before you get into anything dangerous that might land you in a situation as mine. Don’t be cheated like I was.

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