Cassandra Lehna — Victoria, Canada

So this is cassandra lehna, funny you should be posted again. This little anorexic sloot works VIP at Distrikt night club. For 1 who the fuk wants to see a girl with no tits no a55 and ribs showing, it’s like looking at a fuking skeleton. This girl is the nastiest hoe in all of Victoria, she gets around like a cheap floozy in this town. She only goes for bartenders though… her ex TJ broke up with her cause he finally had enough of her nasty a55… now shes back fuking a bartender that she broke a relationship up between him and his ex. Not to mention the amount of sh1t she talks about him which is why she will never be seen in public with him. I mean who would look at the fuking ears on the guy… can you say Dumbo much? Get some fuking meat on your bones no one wants to look at that, and stop being a sloot… no wonder no one wants to date you and they just fuk and chuck your no a55. Quit your job for our sake so we dont have to stab our eyes after the night from looking at a skeleton in slooty outfits. Cassandra Lehna

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