Andrija Bloom, Claremont, CA

Andrija Bloom has been cheating on her husband for over a decade, mostly with married men. Do a search and you’ll find other women who have reported the same thing. She pays for hotel rooms with these men and does not use condoms. She and her husband, Curtis Bloom, run a wedding photography business called Enchanted Portraiture. She has secretly taken photos of bridal parties while they are changing clothes and texted them to her lovers without permission. In 2014 she traveled to Thailand with a lover and bought a 19 year old Thai hooker for the night. She creates lots of pornographic videos, emails and photos with her many married lovers. She has two kids. She doesn’t work, but spends her time in yoga classes, pole dancing and burlesque classes. She’s 48 but thinks she’s going on 21. She got plastic surgery, a tummy tuck, and she loves taking nude selfies of herself and sending them to your husband. She has profiles on Fetlife and Ashley Madison.

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  • This Information Is False!

    None of these things are true about the photographer Andrija Bloom. The writer of this review must have the wrong person. Andrija Bloom of Claremont CA is an outstanding photographer and upstanding citizen!!!!

    Kyle Danfield March 19, 2019 5:02 pm Reply
  • Take This Fake Review Down!

    I know Andrija, this is not her! You need to remove this post immediately!

    Susan Hopkins March 19, 2019 5:05 pm Reply

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