Andrea Nash Westway — Ottawa, Canada

She likes to antagonize others video them to set them off in their own lobbies and cop call. Claim her jacket and clothes are stolen but she’s on welfare and can’t even afford groceries. Picks up roaches outside of Caldwell’s quickie. Posts about how depressed she is. Cryswolf about Chevy her partner beat her. He even gave her a black eye. She lives in a bed bug infested complex. But talks out her a55. She’s also known for stalking people in her area wether they live in her building or not. She also has multiple cats on top of her special needs dog that she neglects. And can’t afford. She neglects her own needs. And doesn’t shower because she’s going bald At the age 24. She’s sick and needs help. She grew up as a cas kid so now she’s out to attack the world because this is the life of Andrea’s pitty party. Andrea Nash Westway

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  • Andrea

    I have 2 on going police reports and harassments made by this person who posted me I’ll even provide you with the report numbers please take this add down its costed a reputation for my job, I am a personal support worker and my job requires my mental state to stay in take and with constant posts made of me by a immature child is very disturbing the thought someone to go out of their way to ruin their reputation. I am none of these things police report numbers are (18-321359) and second report number on same matter (18-291667) ottawa police. I’d also like to ask if you can contact the authority as well with the case numbers to help my case as my work has been threatened my dog my I’ve been told to kill my self and go be with my dead best friend. On top of that my partner has nothing to do with this childish drama and he is disabled and has cerable palsy so this is making fun of someone disabled st the same time please take this down

    Westaway December 30, 2018 6:22 pm Reply

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