Weiss Motors in Durban

We purchased a VW POLO from Weiss Motors in Durban in Febuary 2018 for about R320 000 which
for average working people like us is a lot of money.
We started encountering problems with the vehicle from the very first month and brought this to the notice
of the workshop/service manager Mr Clive Holland who asked us to bring the vehicle to the workshop.
Little did we realize that this was going to be the first of 8 different occasions that we had to take what was
supposed to be a brand new vehicle back to the workshop and up to this day nothing has been resolved.

To name a few of the issues that this so called brand new vehicle possessed were as follows,
1) There was an unusual shudder coming from the front of the vehicle that made it difficult
to control the vehicle after a certain speed.
2) There was wind blowing into the vehicle as if the window was open when it was closed.
3) The seat belt mechanism was faulty.
4) The stitching of the leather interior was inferior
5) There was a loud noise coming from inside the boot compartment.

The most important of all the above defects was definitely no. 1

Coming back to the procedure we followed in resolving this matter we were called in after about two failed
attempts by Weiss motors to repair this or even find the problem. Present in this meeting were the Dealer Principal,
Shaun Earle and Anand Naicker the New Car Sales Manager and also Clive Holland. They three of them assured
us that this problem would definitely be resolved,
Just to set the record straight Shaun Earle is one of the worst Dealer Principal I have met, thank GOD it was only once.
In all the other times we were at the Dealership, he never once made an effort to come out of his office and try to resolve
this matter. He would sit in his office and dictate to his managers on what to tell us.
During one of the occasions the vehicle was lying at the Dealership for just over a month to be sorted and still the problem
pursued. WE advised Clive Holland on most of our visits there that we were not interested in this vehicle as the Dealership
was unable to find the fault and the cause of the no 1 problem. We advised that we should now look at a replacement vehicle
and that this problem was VW’s problem and they should be accountable for any loss in this transaction.
Now after all this time, running back and forth, and after Weiss Motors have changed the complete braking system twice,
Changed the rims and tyres, ordering all kinds of spares from Germany and failing miserable to solve this problem and
accepting that there is nothing else they can do which in other words means accepting that its their fault for selling a vehicle
full of defects, they finally called us in to settle this matter on the 24 th Jan 2019.

When we got there we were met by a sales person who took us to the New Car Manager Anand Naicker who was obviously notified
by the Dealer Principal on what to put on the table. Unfortunately his offer had nothing to do with resolving this matter but he was merely
wanting to do a valuation our vehicle and do another deal for a new vehicle while at the same time advising us that we will be losing part
of our initial deposit and that our repayments will now increase by roughly R1000.00.
We felt that the only party to incur any loss in this whole matter would Weiss Motors not anybody else as the blame lied at their feet.
I have made arrangements with Clive Holland to have the vehicle dropped off at their premises today and he will provide us with a courtesy
vehicle until this matter is resolved.

If I do not get any kind of response by next week I am going ahead with publishing this whole saga in our daily newspapers as I have indicated
to Clive Holland and his colleagues at Weiss Motors. This is how far they have driven us to go.
We have never been treated so disrespectfully or unprofessionally by anybody before leave alone a company as huge in stature as VW SA.
It is actually a disgrace to VW SA and its Dealership Weiss Motors and the people tasked to steer it.

How do we get someone to assist, I cannot keep taking my car back there


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