Volkswagen South africa (Lenasia)

I bought my first car from the Lenasia dealership last week Wednesday 3 October 2019 The car was bought for business use. I used it for two days on the road no problems on Sunday the EPC light came on and it was a concern we took the car back on Monday I was assured the car was sorted and their will be no more issues.

On Tuesday I drove less than 45km the EPC light appeared and the car and the acclerator pedal gave in while I was driving home. Wednesday the car returned and I was told the diagnostics shows the pedal sensor was faulty. I called to complain because its a new car and it could’ve happened while I was driving on a longer road.

The sales manager told me that if it happened they would’ve assisted and I questioned the safety of my life in the car. His response was ” if its your time God will take you away” The after service I have received has been the worst. It was a wake up call on how little VW cares about their clients.

I even contacted VW SA on Monday I was assured assistance but nothing, when I called the case manager yesterday I was told that they can’t assist I need to take it up with the dealership.

The car has been at the dealership for three days, I own the car for 9 days today and its spent four days with the dealership.

It hasn’t even been used for the intended purpose as yet but I must be patient

I spoke to the dealerships manager, he was quick to take my number and end the call. His names Mike, he called back not understanding what AFTER SALES SERVICE means and tells me to be patient and how good VW is as a manufacturer and how it can happen with any car and telling me I’m not being an adult about because I was upset.

who wants to own a new car that spends more time broken than actually fixed???? The manager was even short of with a friend I asked him to speak because I handle the poor service I received I am a rep and i assure the best service to our clients I would expect the same service when making such a big financial commitment.

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