I’m a 95 year old woman, I had many problems with the car. I bought this car new. I complained to west palm beach toyota about the clear coat peeling off when it was under warranty. W.P. B toyota said it not clear coat and I should have waxed it. I told him I wash and wax the car every week. I google it and many of cars had same problem. I found a company that made a clear for that problem that toyota has with cars. Company give’s life time guarantee that it don’t peel. Earl steward toyota said he can put a rebuilt touch screen in for $1600.00 and it may cost more if it needs 2 components. He told me I have to wait 5 to 15 days to get it rebuilt. I told him I can’t wait that long I ask him to put a new touch screen in so I get the job done in one day. The reason why I want a new touch screen because I just had a odometer put by west palm beach toyota in the prius and it want bad in six month. I had to do the dam job over again. I got him to put a new one in and pray to god that this last. Please help me to get the new touch screen soon. I can’t sleep good at night because of this problem and when I use the car the brakes get hard to stop steering get hard to turn. A loud buzzer goes off for a while and some times air condition shuts down. Please call me at [protected]. Rosalyn vine

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