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I purchased a 2018 Toyota IAN in 2017. November 26, 2018, I called Toyota Service Center in Downtown Oakland, Ca. and scheduled an appointment for 1/27/2018 for service. My concerns were
1.) the same wrench popped up in the warning panel. I looked it up in the manual and needs maintenance, I thought that took place??
2.) I also was hearing a clicking sound while starting the car.
3.) I inquired about the oil as I was previously told that synthetic oil only needs to be changes every two years.

A mechanic introduced himself as Patrick came to assist me, I explained to him the three items above. Patrick’s only concern was if my service was due every 6 months or every 5 thousand miles. I left my car and went to work. I received a call from [protected] which was Patrick from Downtown Oakland Toyota. Patrick stated my car was ready for pick up. I arrived to pick up the car up only to see the following
A tank of gas was used for something and it appears my car sat in the rain.
I go to start the car this morning and guess what the wrench pops up again.
I look at the settings myself (took pictures) and they were set to 4997 miles when the next services was due.

My complaint for Toyota is your customer service needs improving. I admit, I’m not a mechanic, but I’m also not ignorant. this really insults my intelligence. I need Toyota to get back to me and resolve my issues. I do not feel I received the service that I paid for.

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